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Submit An Educational Toy Product For Review

Thank you for your interest in submitting a product to Simply Toys for review. We regularly review products to determine if it fits the needs of our viewers. Contact us at to submit a product for review. Here are a few key points to keep in mind:
  • Only toy and toy-related products, particulary educational and learning toys, for children of all ages will be reviewed.
  • Product review and evaluation will be posted on the Simply Toys website
  • Product submitted for review will not be returned to you.
  • Please include a copy of your pricing and discount schedule.
  • Please identify merchants that carry your product.

We review toys products that have educational and learning value.

We love to review educational toys for children of all ages . While we love reviewing new products to let our viewers know what's new, trendy and hip, we also love helping you bring life back to a product that has lost it's marketability because the product isn't "new."

We would be happy to give you a little free publicity!  All we ask is that you do not send any offensive material (porn, unchristian, etc.) or place our address on any spam or advertisement mailing lists.

Our editors and contributing writers strive for fairness, balance, accuracy, and consistency in all of our prodcut reviews and product-based stories. We do not review products from press releases, but based on hands-on experience. Regardless of whether the vendor is large or small, we use the same standards to measure the value of a product. Mentioning that you are an advertiser will not influence our evaluation of products.

As with the industry standard, no review products are ever returned. If you submit your product for review, do not expect it to be returned.


Sometimes we'll keep your product in-house. Sometimes we give your product away for word-of-mouth advertising or use your product for a prize in one of our contests. Sometimes we donate your product to a local charity, needy family, or fundraising event.


You may reprint the review we have given your product, on future editions of your product, marketing materials, or your website—all free of charge—provided you do not change the context of our review, keep our byline intact, and when used on a website, include an active link back to

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