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Vtech V.Smile Pocket – Editorial Review


Product: V.Smile Pocket
Category: Educational Toy
Age: 5-8 years of age
Grade Level: Kindergarten, Grades 1, 2, and 3
Company: Vtech
Price: $89.99
Where to buy: Amazon, most major department stores
Rating: 4.9 out of 5

V.Smile Pocket Description

The V.Smile Pocket is the handheld version of the educational Vtech V.Smile TV Learning System. The package includes the Pocket handheld gaming system, cables to plug the system into a television, and the Zayzoo, My Alien Classmate game.

V.Smile Pocket Review

This portable handheld educational gaming system scored extremely high marks with our toy testers and had them coming back for more. The V.Smile pocket features a high resolution, color LCD screen (320 x 240 pixels) creating colorful, crisp and easy to see graphics. The sound is also impressive, and the controls can be easily switched for left or right handed users with the flip of a switch on the back of the system. Vtech has created a child-friendly unit that is the perfect size for a child’s hand and has all the amenities: an on/off switch for reserving battery life, brightness control for nighttime play, a volume control button, headphone jacks but headphones are not included, four colored buttons for extended educational play, a “help” button, an exit button, plus one that launches the special play mode “Learning Zone ABC”. The V.Smile system operates on 4 “AA” batteries. Because the battery life is used up fairly quickly, I highly recommend purchasing the V.Smile Pocket charger available separately. V.Smile Pocket on Television

The Pocket uses the same smartridges (educational gaming cartridges) as the V.Smile TV Learning System -- a huge advantage to consumers that already purchased the television gaming system. A wide variety of educational games based on skill level and age are available featuring popular characters such as Spiderman, Nemo, Toy Story, Little Mermaid, Scooby Doo, and many more … all with lessons in elementary basics disguised as fun!

The unique feature that makes the V.Smile pocket a sure hit is the transition from television to portable play. The pocket can be unplugged from the television during mid-game and is automatically switched to handheld mode without interruption to the game. No more arguing when it is time to go, the game can be continued in the car.

The Bottom Line

The V.Smile Pocket takes the fun of learning created in the V.Smile TV Learning System on the go! Vtech has thought of everything. One of the most innovative features is the easy trasition from television mode to handheld play without interruption of the game. The Pocket is a fun and educational alternative to tradition video gaming. The educational smartridges are designed to be scalable to your child’s level while developing cognitive, logic, and language skills. The V.Smile Pocket is fun and entertaining -- a huge hit among our test group!

  1. Educational - Develops cognitive, language, motor and sensory skills
  2. Fun – a big hit among our toy testers!
  3. Portable
  4. High resolution screen with bright crisp graphics
  5. Easy transition from TV play to handheld mode without interruption to game
  6. V.Smile is scalable to your child’s level.
  7. Smartridges feature many popular characters
  8. Controls can be adjusted for left or right handed users
  9. Child-friendly unit
  1. No A/C adapter (V.Smile Pocket charger can be purchased separately).

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